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An award is something given to a person or a group of people as a token of appreciation for their achievement. It encourages the person to work towards next year award. It is usually given to recognize their excellence in work. Trophies, medals, cash, plaques, pins, ribbons, certificates, badges signify awards. Here you can find various business awards for different categories.
This award is given for achievers in business in more than 60 nations. The award is given based on the qualities of an organization such as innovation, integrity, growth, etc. The categories include:
• Web Site, App, Video, Annual Report & Other Publications, & Live Event Awards
• Management Awards
• Company / Organization Awards
• Corporate Communications & Public Relations Awards
• Creative Awards
• Customer Service Awards
• Human Resources Awards
• Information Technology Awards
• Marketing Awards
• New Product & Product Management Awards
• Support Awards

This award is especially for Europeans. It includes 27 member states. Since 2007, it has been given to the most innovative business and ethics in European business community.the categories of this award include:
• The RSM Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
• The Employer Of The Year Award
• The Award For Customer Focus
• The Millicom Award For Environmental & Corporate Sustainability
• The Import/Export Award
• The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy Of The Year Award
• The Infosys Business Of The Year Award With Turnover Of €0-25m
• The Infosys Business Of The Year Award With Turnover Of €26-150m
• The Infosys Business Of The Year Award With Turnover Of €150m Or Higher
• The UKTI Award For Innovation

This award discovers the outstanding British business people. Any company within UK, whether it is public or private or third sector are eligible for this award. This year, it turns out 12 years old. The 17 categories of this award are as follows:
• The Daily Telegraph Award For A Decade Of Excellence In Business
• The New Business Of The Year
• The Blackberry Business Enabler Of The Year
• The Smith & Williamson Entrepreneur Of The Year
• The International Growth Business Of The Year
• The Digital Business Of The Year
• The Customer Focus Award
• The ICAEW Sustainable Business Award
• The Leadership Diversity Award
• The Social Enterprise Of The Year
• The Innovation Award
• The Growth Business Of The Year
• The QBE FTSE 100 Business Of The Year
• The Corporate Citizenship Award
• The Croner Employer Of The Year
• The Santander Small To Medium-Sized Business Of The Year
• The Leader Of The Year

This award focuses on innovation and impact in sustainability. The award is successfully entering their third year. The various categories of this award are as follows:
• Communicating sustainability
• Engaging employees
• Society
• Work
• Bio-diversity
• Supply chain
• Carbon
• Collaboration
• Waste & Recycling
• Water
• Energy
• Built environment
The two special awards are
• Consultancy Of The Year
• Consultancy Of The Year

This award is presented by ICICI bank business banking and CNBC-TV 18. The award focuses on small and medium entrepreneurs striving for world-class facilities, setting the highest benchmarks and optimising opportunities across the globe. The categories of this award include:
• Most Innovative SME Of The Year
• Socially Responsible SME Of The Year
• SME With A Global Reach
• Technosavvy SME Of The Year
• Green SME Of The Year
• Women Entrepreneur Of The Year
• Fastest Growing SME
• Small Scale Industries Of The Year
• SME Of The Year


This award is for the UK companies who are doing business in Belgium and Luxembourg. The three main categories of this award are:
• Best Exporter
• Best SME
• Best Newcomer

It provides a fabulous opportunity to raise your company profile. It is celebrated every year to reward the most dynamic and innovative business. The categories are as follows:
• Best Business For Customer Service
• Entrepreneur Of The Year
• Best New Business
• Commitment To The Community Award
• Best Green Business
• Independent Retailer Of The Year
• Best Business For Training And Development
• Best Business For Marketing And Social Media
• Pub Of The Year
• Restaurant Of The Year

This has the pride of being a first global business award. The award recognizes the social and economic values of an organization. This award constitute of three main categories and several sub categories the three main categories are:
• Business Award
• Technology Award
• Innovation Award

The award is created to honour the “best of best” in small and medium scale industries. It rewards the industries from all over the world. The categories are as follows:
• Best Overall Company
• Best Turnaround Company
• Most Innovative Company
• Fastest Growing Company
• Best Customer Service Results
• Best Start-Up
• Young Entrepreneur (35 and younger)
• Entrepreneur of the Year
• Best Retailer
• Best Service Based
• Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler
• Most Community Impact


This is a global benchmark of aircraft excellence. Travellers from over 160 countries select the winners every year. Surveys are conducted through online. The various categories of this award include:
• Best Airline
• Best Seat
• Best Lounges
• Best Cabin
• Best Catering
• Best by Region
• Best Airline Staff
• Best Regional Airlines
• Best – Low Cost Airlines

Junior Chamber International award is established globally. It takes several names such as JCI India, JCI USA, JCI Malaysia etc, the three main categories are
• JCI Zone Awards
• JCI National Awards
• JCI Awards


CRISIL is the India's leading ratings agency. It recognizes and rewards the best nation’s small and medium scale industries. The three main awards are
• CRISIL Emerging India Award
• CRISIL Young Thought Leader Award
• CRISIL Mutual Fund Award
Apart from these business there awards to promote the excellence in digital world. AWWWARDS & THE WEBBY AWARDS are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. They reward website, mobile & app, online video & chat, social network and media. And ACM award rewards excellence for technical and professional achievements in computer science & information technology.

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